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Charitable Contributions 07 - Erin Dean
October 27th, 2006
01:16 pm


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Charitable Contributions 07
Today I finialized my charitable contributions for next year. I really enjoyed using the opportunity last year to talk about what orgainzations are important to me so I thought I'd do it again now.

Timberlake Christian Fellowship This is where I go to church.

Blood:Water Mission *NEW* Remember my obsession with building wells and getting people access to clean water last year (when i only drank water for a month to raise awareness...)? Well, I found an orgainzation that builds wells in Africa and are specifically focused on using their work with communities to fight AIDS.

Bread for the World They're one of the top partners with the One Campaign and since I can't give directly to the One Campaign, I'm giving to them. Basically they are part of the effort to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty.

Unexpected Productions *NEW* Not sure how you could read my blog and not know I'm passionate about improv. Since I have a vested interested in the theater sticking around it seemed good to invest more than just my time there. I'm also excited that this marks the first time I've contributed to "The Arts."

Butler County 4-H *NEW* Many of my current interests were first explored through 4-H projects.

Last year I forgot to set aside some portion of my giving for other opportunities that come up throughout the year. This year I've corrected that oversight by reserving 5% to be distributed in the future as need arises.

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