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26 facts about Erin - Erin Dean
June 11th, 2007
03:50 pm


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26 facts about Erin
1) I organize my clothes by color.
picture 144

2) I place restrictions on my clothes buying like "no more polo shirts" and "no more red or pink t-shirts"

3) I have no problem eating off of other people's plates or drinking after others (without permission)

4) Multiple times a week I find myself doing calculations like "If I got a massage/bough fresh flowers/ate sushi every week it would cost me x dollars a year"

5) In the grocery store I talk to myself out loud. Usually it's a conversation that goes something like "Should I get milk?" "No, it will go bad before I drink it all"

6) I saw a dead moth on the floor Sunday and it took me a half hour to work up the courage to go in that half of my dining room again.

7) I religiously tag pictures on flickr.

8) I am extremely organized at home, sorting things into more than 80 plastic storage containers. Categories include: scissors, batteries, shoelaces and buttons, paint brushes, air freshners, dental care supplies, and hats.
picture 141

9) I rarely use an alarm to wake up. Probably about 10 times a year.

10) I added the IMDB data about which characters were in which episodes for season 1 of Murphy Brown while watching it on DVD.

11) I sort my books by genre and author.

12) I keep my salt on the refrigerator.
picture 140

13) I wrote my first BASIC program in 1991, my first C and Fortran program in 1996, my first C++ program in 1997, my first LISP program in 2002.

14) I've gotten 5 massages this year.

15) I lived in Missouri for 9 years 6 months, Ohio for 12 years 3 months and Seattle for 4 years 3 months.

16) If I'm at home, I can make cookies from scratch and be eating them in 16 minutes.

17) I prefer to sit cross-legged, even in chairs.

18) I love lists. And Post-it notes. And lists on Post-it notes.

19) I don't know any famous people personally.

20) I like to put glue on my hand and peel it off. I like to put tape on my face and peel it off, I think of it as exfoliating.

21) At my graduation I wore a propeller on my mortarboard.
photo 6-18-03 090

22) I buy the following things in bulk: gum, bottled water, razor blades, toothpaste, plastic storage containers.

23) I dumped a pot of macaroni on my brother's head and threw a 2 liter of diet coke at him (and made a hole in the wall when I missed) in high school.

24) I've filled 8 journals cover to cover.

25) I’m a better speller than I was a year ago. I now know how to spell definitely correctly. I still can’t remember how to spell restaurant.

26) I think I cry too easily.

and one to grow on) I can think of 13 ten digit phone numbers i have memorized. 2 of them are no longer in service.

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Date:June 13th, 2007 01:05 am (UTC)
Some slight Obsessive Compulsive tendencies...

I'm surprised about the eating off other people's plates and drinking from other people's glasses. Doesn't seem to fit with the rest... Hmmm...

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Date:June 13th, 2007 07:59 am (UTC)
I've only recently realized how happy having some things very organized can make me (though it requires decisive effort on my part). With things like the clothes being organized by color, there's something in my gut that gets happy looking at the rainbow in my closet. And it doesnt seem to fade away, I feel good every morning when I look at it. So my head makes this concious decision to keep hanging up clothes (even though i grew up flat folding tshirts into drawers) and not just putting all of the freshly washed ones together because i think its beautiful when you can see all of the colors lined up. I get that same good feeling when i look at my plastic boxes all lined up into rows.

When I think of people with OCT I guess I've always imagined that there was some internal *need* for things to be a certain way. I wonder if there are others who express there OCT for reasons similar to mine: to maintain some non-traditional source of beauty.

WRT eating and drinking after others, it's not that I don't believe in germs, i think they exist, it's just that i prefer my way of dealing with them. I believe that if you get them in little doses you're body will learn how to fight them and will be prepared when the big, unavoidable dose comes along. Plus I like tasting things ;-)
Date:June 13th, 2007 01:52 pm (UTC)


1 & 8 are why it's for the best that we can't be roomies. :) i'm glad we're such good friends in spite of our differences, though. :)

(and you should come over when you're in town. i could use your expertise getting things set up at the new apt. :)

i will concede that i used to organize my crayons by color in the box. and i still organize a set of crayola markers that way. :)
Date:June 14th, 2007 06:32 am (UTC)
That's a really cool list... a while ago, I started putting together a list like that. I wanted to get 64 of them because it was 2 to the power of 8. I only got to 18 before I stopped and forgot about it. I dug it up though for your enjoyment. :-)

1. An Internet search for "Brandon Bray" often reveals that a Hawaiian singer by the same name authored a song titled "Healing Love." Nearly everyone I know has informed me of this fact.

2. As a kid, instead of selling lemonade on the sidewalk for 10¢, I sold fruit and pomegranate juice.

3. Growing up, my family had a virtual farm in the back yard including chickens, turkeys, pheasants, steers, pigs, and of course dogs.

4. In the middle of high school, I moved to Alaska. Since I didn't like the school system there, I ended up teaching myself music appreciation, macroeconomics, calculus, anatomy and physiology, religion, and chemistry.

5. Earthquakes are my favorite natural disaster. I actually slept through several.

6. While driving through West Campus at Cornell University taking several friends home late at night during senior year, I stopped to let two pedestrians (aka slightly inebriated sorority girls) cross the street. Instead of crossing the street, they got in my car and asked for a ride home.

7. I am an Eagle Scout.

8. Many people, when they first meet me, think I should be a radio announcer or a spokesman because they like my voice.

9. My first job was a clerk for the FBI. On my last day of employment, I was literally paid to watch paint dry.

10. As a very young kid, I was essentially deaf. I did not learn to speak until I was two years old.

11. My favorite movie is Clue, which I have seen over 200 times.

12. The two most common misspellings of my name are Brandon Brey (the Canadian misspelling for "Cold, don't you think?"), and Brandon Bay (a bay in Ireland known for the best low pressure wind surfing in Northern Europe).

13. While an intern in Outlook I happened to walk past the Exchange 2000 Beta 3 ship party. Four very drunk women there noticed I was dry, picked me up, carried me to a nearby hot tub, and then proceeded to throw me in. I spent the rest of the day in meetings soaking wet.

14. Both my grandfathers were elected Sheriffs in Colorado (one for Arapahoe county, and the other for Jefferson county).

15. My dog, Konna, nearly died when she was two days old. But after spending an entire night caring for her, my mom and I were able to save her. Her name is short of a Sioux Indian word for "Beautiful Little Girl."

16. Mystery dinners are my favorite pass time.

17. While in high school, I was certified to instruct CPR courses by the American Heart Association.

18. I once ironed socks because I was bored. In college, I microwaved a friends socks and they caught on fire.
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Date:June 14th, 2007 06:45 am (UTC)
I like your list too! It's like they're stories boiled down to a short sentence!
Date:June 16th, 2007 09:26 am (UTC)

You inspired me to wite a list.

Multiple Erin references in my post"24 Facts about Sage"
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